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How we do, what we do?

A school is the first step in the life of a child's education.


As a partner of parents, in this responsibility, we believe learning should be an enjoyable experience for each child, from the very first day of the school. 

At Happy Feet, it is our persistent endeavor to make each day a pleasant learning experience for our children.

Therefore, as we begin each new session, we expect your support during this journey, which in return, will help in the smooth functioning of the school.




We follow Play way & Montessori both.







We have carefully crafted a theme-based curriculum for each month, in such a manner that complete holistic learning is provided to pre-schoolers.



According to the themes of each month, activities, art & craft, concepts are done in the class.



Physical fitness is also a major part of our curriculum. We conduct a 30 minutes fitness class of different activity each day: Taekwondo, Aerobics, Sports, Yoga, Splash Pool



For some activities, we have professional trainers coming over as well.





With Play-Way, we also follow the Montessori method of teaching.


This method helps us instill the following core values in our students:

- Independence 
- Self knowledge 
- Sense of responsibility 
- Eye-hand coordination 
- Concentration 
- Developing self-image


Montessori materials prepare the child for future learning as it is designed in such a way that it works on all five senses.


We conduct a Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) every six months, which will be done through a written report, with details of the child's progress. 


Apart from this, if parents feel like meeting the teacher for any reason or would like to be inside the classroom, parents are requested to a take a prior appointment. 


Health check-ups will also be carried out once in six months.


A Holiday list is available on our website, and is also provided at the time of admission; Apart from that, telephonic reminders are also sent.


Parents are requested to inform of the child's absence through an email, phone or message. However, in case the leave is for more than 3 days, a written application stating the reason for absence is required to be submitted.


The school makes arrangements from time to time, to take the children on picnics, nature walks, and other educational trips. For these, consent letter will be sent asking for the parents' permission.

Our very own International Days


As we have children from across the globe, so to let children know about different countries, their culture, dress, and food, we celebrate "International Days".


For this, we encourage the parents to come forward and participate. Teachers will provide you with all the help that you may need.

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